Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Garlic Scapes

Is there any more intoxicating and wonderful seasonal food than garlic scapes? I can't think of any, at least not while I can smell and taste the creamy sweet garlic of the bud lightly sauteed in olive oil! I prepare these by snipping off the tough bit at the end and then chopping the scape into smaller sections (I didn't always do this, but having to eat one handed while nursing a baby has taught me to prepare ahead of time if possible) and putting them in a bag in the vegetable crisper. This way I can grab a handful to throw in a hot pan whenever the opportunity presents. (after searing a steak or pork chop for example) If I have some I like to throw in an an anchovy or 3 and a bit of the olive oil they are packed in. The anchovies disintegrate pretty well and just give a lovely savory-ness to the cooking oil. Put a lid on for a minute or 2 and then take it off and stir  everything well, and arrange artfully on a plate, allowing the curling tendrils to drape over each other in a gorgeous tangle. Drizzle the cooking oil from the pan on the scapes until you can't help but slurp up the glistening concoction.

Baggy of delight and promise!

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