Thursday, July 15, 2010

Best Crunchy Walnut Dill Pepper Chicken Salad

Take your container of chicken bits from the previous day's Costco rotisserie.

Add mayo (homemade preferably) about 1/3 cup for our needs, but do it to your taste.

A bit of Dijon mustard, maybe 2 tsp.

Several strips of bell pepper (I keep sliced raw peppers in a baggy in the veg drawer for snacking) diced small.

A couple of tbs of very finely diced onion. (We picked up some fab sweet walla wallas last week at a farm-stand!)

1 handful walnuts, kind of squeezed so as to break them up into smallish pieces. (I really like the added crunch and it ups the omega 3's!)

As much dill as you wish to add. (You could use other herbs if you prefer, basil or tarragon might be nice.)

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