Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blueberry Picking

I feel so lucky to live in this place surrounded by small farms and fruit growers. Growing up in NY I longed to live on a farm with animals, though of course now I appreciate all the local museums and subways, and not having had to get up early and feed the chickens, and well everything. (I kind of miss the city sometimes...) Since getting back home isn't really an option, we have chosen a location (at least for a couple of years) that is providing us with fantastic opportunities for local foods. We are in the middle of various apple orchards, cherries, pastured chickens, pigs and cows, I could go on. The cost of living is pretty darn cheap as well, so I have been able to indulge in seriously good eating along paleo lines for the past year. It's been fantastic for the kids as well, they have a place to play outside! And we go fruit picking, and for picnics and nature walks, and all kinds of great stuff. I am concerned that when we leave here I  will have a hard time adjusting, but so be it. In the mean time we enjoy what we have. Life is fleeting, according to the guy with the last of the garlic scapes at market last week.  ;-)

Today we picked a few pounds of blueberries, and ate most of it. Will have to go back on the weekend! Maybe with daddy's help we can get enough to last a week?

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