Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blueberry Binge

Who binges on blueberries? I do! That's who. We picked 11 pounds today of the most blueberry-ie tasting, hugest, awesome blueberries you can imagine. And then I ate most of them.

ok, ok, not really most of them, but a kind of obscene amount. And then I had an apple. And some Tuscan melon. (like a small cantaloupe) And banana.

Also ate some good protein, (eggs, kippers, pork) but really it was quite a fruity day. I am calling it a re-feed and forgetting about it.

We set up the dehydrator with apricots from our tree, and bing cherries from a few miles away, and then James pureed a bunch of apricots and blueberries and cherries with a tablespoon of local raw honey to make fruit leather. I am not interested in any of that so the higher sugar content per/ounce doesn't concern me greatly. I think James is going to take most of it to work for snacking, but I will let the kids have some too. I am looking forward to making some blueberry coconut ice-cream, and lots of other blueberry treasures, but will try hard to eat it in moderation. I expect the family to eat most of it so that shouldn't be terribly difficult.

ok, off to knit and watch Orient Express! (sooooo excited, love David Suchet!)

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