Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Costco Rotisserie Chicken

A Costco rotisserie chicken for us usually entails the following:
1) lunch of mama salad plus 2 baby salads w/ chunks of dark meat and one breast or 1 leg per child & 1 breast for mama
2) Picking the meat off the chicken and saving the second breast for "he who prefers lean meat" to take to work with salad for lunch (This is usually done a couple of hours after lunch b/c whoever picks the chicken gets a lovely treat of munching on whatever skin wasn't finished at lunch and whatever bits are juicy and attractive)
3) Best Crunchy Walnut Dill Pepper Chicken Salad, recipe to follow.
4) Bone broth simmered down with the carcass and all the leftover gelatinous collagen bits, and the skin and fat that were not browned enough to be appetizing earlier, and a splash of vinegar.

I can't think of a better paleo "to-go" meal than this. We used to get take out when James was coming home from work late, but since going a bit stricter it has been quite difficult to find something that he can pick up. I usually do the Costco run in the morning and the kids and I have chicken for lunch but I will surely be requesting a dinner rotisserie pick up from now on!

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